Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) Centre

Have you been working for quite some time? Or have you made up your mind to further your studies? Well, this is your chance to get credit transfers to our courses with your work experience

What is APEL(A)

Alternative paths for further studies at Higher Education Institutions for individuals who have work experience, but do not meet the minimum requirements of academic qualifications set by Higher Education Institutions.


In general, the APEL process involves the assessment of experiential learning that can be gained through a variety of methods including formal schooling, life and work experience, training, independent study, volunteer work, hobbies and other.

Why go for APEL(A)?

APEL encourages an individual to continuously improve one’s knowledge leading to the award of a formal certificate of competency.It will provide a brighter opportunity in the career development of the individual.


No-Hassle Application

All you need is just to fill up the APEL application form and we'll guide you the rest


Very Responsive

We are very responsive when it comes to questions or even to process your application



We are fully recognised by the Malaysian Government under MOHE as well as MQA / JPA

APEL(A) Process


Check qualification for APEL admission


Fill in the APEL application online in MQA Portal and choose Pusat Penilaian APEL - Kolej ASA (PPA Dalaman)


Fill in APEL(A) Kolej ASA (PPA Dalaman) online form


APEL assessment (Portfolio & Aptitude Test) preparation


Sit for the APEL assessment and get PASSED


Apply for the chosen program at Kolej ASA


If you have already applied before, please click the button below to check your application status by keying in your IC No. (Malaysian) or your Passport No. (Non-Malaysian)